Note: This product is at end-of-life.  No further development work is being done.  The latest versions are available for download.

PhotoTrue is an image processing library for VB5, VB6, and ASP.  PhotoTrue used to be shareware, but is now free.  Use the following registration code:



Download version 2.4 for VB6 and ASP
Download version 2.3 for VB5

For VB Developers

PhotoTrue is a lightweight, inexpensive, royalty-free, and easy to use ActiveX component that allows you to quickly add image processing support to your Visual Basic applications. PhotoTrue is easy to distribute to your end users, and adds less than 300K to your distribution.

For ASP Developers

PhotoTrue allows you to quickly add image processing support to your web applications.

For Web Hosting Providers

PhotoTrue can be offered to your customers to add value to your services, and is easy to deploy to your servers.

PhotoTrue Features

  • Read from files or memory buffers
  • Write to files or memory buffers
  • Small and easy to distribute with your app, less than 300KB to distribute
  • Supports BMP and JPEG file types
  • Image processing functions include:
    • Rotate
    • Crop
    • Flip
    • Adjust Gamma
    • Adust brightness and contrast
    • Make greyscale
    • Blur
    • Overlay one image on another
    • Quick resize
    • Resample (higher quality resize)
    • Drawing lines and text
    • Swap color channels
  • Full documentation
  • Comes with sample VB and ASP source code – including a full VB image processing application
  • Free trial with no nags, just a small graphic applied to each image you save until you register
  • Registration code can be stored in the registry to allow hosting providers access for their customers

As PhotoTrue is now freeware, use the registration code “C50E45A3B0F4FE7D”

Version History

Version 2.4 – Released June 20, 2006

  • PhotoTrue is now freeware, and the registration codes are no longer needed (this version is VB6 only)

Version 2.3 – Released November 20, 2002

  • Added ApplyGammaEx allowing separate gamma values for each color channel
  • Added Clear method
  • Added Picture property
  • Added better error handling in CreateFromStdPic method
  • Created a help document in .hlp format for the VB5 version
  • Gamma adjustment is quicker, and uses less memory
  • The Resample method has better results when resizing an image to a smaller size
  • Deprecated CreateFromStdPic
  • The VB5 version no longer looks in the registry for the registration code (VB5 version should not be used with IIS)
  • Fixed resource leak in StdPicture support
  • Fixed mouseover bug in the sample application
  • Fixed possible problem where I wasn’t waiting for Windows GDI calls to complete before manipulating pixels directly

Version 2.2 – Released August 12, 2002

  • Added Pixel property, to read or change individual pixels
  • Fixed deadlock issue when running under IIS, as per Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q312218

Version 2.1 – Released February 19, 2002

  • Fixed issue with PTRUE.DLL that caused not to load properly on older systems
  • Registration code can now be stored in the registry for webserver use

Version 2.0 – Released July 10, 2001

  • Added PrintText Method
  • Added Drawline Method
  • Added SwapChannels Method
  • Added Font Property
  • Added DrawStyle Property
  • Added DrawTransparent Property
  • Added ForeColor Property
  • Added BackColor Property
  • Added the DataPtr Property
  • Replaced the Initlib Method with the RegistrationCode Property
  • No longer necessary to provide a code for trial use
  • Removed the Version Property
  • No longer uses separate type-library – easier to deploy
  • Changed filename and progID, as compatibility has been broken
  • Context-sensitive help now works in the VB IDE
  • ASP is now supported without a wrapper DLL
  • Removed the LibCtl Class – All fuctionality is now in the PhotoObject class
  • The SaveAs???File functions now support overwriting existing files

Version 1.0 – Released November 19, 2000

  • Original release

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